Daniel, originally from England, began his career with Vidal Sassoon and has since amassed 30+ years of hairdressing experience. He has always had a strong commitment to ongoing education, working alongside and taking inspiration from renowned hairdressers. This journey has allowed him to work in many facets of the industry, from teaching professionally, to hair show tutorials and product development. Today, he gets the most satisfaction sharing this wealth of experience with his clients. His approach to hairdressing has a strong foundation in precision-based haircutting, providing a personal approach to each of his client’s needs. This methodology has enabled him to develop a loyal and extensive clientele over the years.

Why he chose the beauty industry? “Growing up in the 80’s was an amazing time in music and fashion. The attraction was too much not to be a part of this outrageous hair and fashion revolution. So becoming a hairdresser was my way to be a part of it all.”


My education took place in the UK with a 3 year assistant program at Vidal Sassoon. I then worked my way up to becoming the assistant principal at the Vidal Sassoon academy in London. During that time I also attended night school to get a degree in Marketing.


My real name is David. When I first started in the salon they made me change my name because there were too many David’s already. So, I chose Daniel and the name has stuck ever since. Which name I respond to depends on which country I’m in. In the UK & Ireland everyone calls me David, but my wife only knows me as Daniel which has led to some awkward moments when we are with my English and Irish family.