Elyssa chose to get into the beauty industry after watching her uncle and cousin be successful hairdressers as she grew up. Her cousin did hair for a Vogue magazine cover and she remembers as a child being blown away and wanting to make women feel beautiful even if they weren’t going to be on the cover of a high fashion magazine.


Goldenwest College School of Cosmetology in Huntington Beach, Ca


I love studying the native snakes of Texas and have willingly and happily relocated Copperheads and other various non venomous snakes. I love when people send me a photo of a snake in their yard and I know what it is and can tell why they should appreciate it being there (and why it should live to see another day!)


Nectar Thermique by Kerastase. No matter how healthy or damaged someone’s hair is, anyone and everyone should have some Nectar Thermique in their lives to protect their hair from heat damage while adding intense moisture.