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Women’s Cut & Style

60 minutes
Just a trim? Or want to completely change your look? Our customized hair cut is just for you.

Blowout / Curlout

45 minutes
Relaxing Shampoo and effortless styling, you will be event ready in a flash.

Kerastase Treatment

20 minutes
A unique combination of a specific concentrate and booster to create a truly customized approach to repair, revitalize, and hydrate your hair.

Brazilian Blowout

60 minutes
A keratin treatment bonded to each hair to prevent frizz and external damage. Leaving your hair silky smooth.

Partial Face Frame

45 minutes
Brightening around the face with face framing highlights

Blended Micro Highlights

75 minutes
Tiny highlights blend into the natural hair to add an overall brightness with less dramatic dimension.


75 minutes
The art of combining hair painting with color intensifying foils. The finished look is seamless color application of balayage with effective brightness of highlights.

Hand Sewn Extensions

60 minutes
Hair extensions adding length and volume to the hair with a natural finish.